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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Further Updating ...

More items currently in store but not posted previously ..... 

Also available in Grunge, Spring and Brown.  Find them out on the back patio.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Updating to Current

In the midst of an ocean where only the searches of lag free inventory reloading occurs comes the time on hand to post an epic barrage of photos.  Many new items have been put out at the new main store on South of Forever.  Yes, yes, and Yes we moved again!  Hopefully for the last time, time will tell what no man can truly predict.

Getting right to the point of giving you all what you want ... piccy's of the latest additions to Piddler's Perch.

Auntie's Storage Chest is available in Rust (Shown) and Olive Green. 


Naturally by this posting date, the cemetary has been retired to inventory until next year.  However, it can be requested so drop me an IM or a notecard inworld if your interested in purchasing it off season.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday, Sept 11th Releases

Hope I managed to catch up on past newness in the previous two posts.  If not .. sighs, I'll get to bloggin' it soon as it comes to light that I haven't yet. 

Again, I'm very excited to be in the Moody Mondays sales hop this week.  I've worked really hard on the latest addition to the Zerene Garden set.  Truly proud of how it turned out too.  You can pick it up between now and Tuesday for L$55.  A steal for the Zerene Garden Gazebo.  Its a must have addition to your Zerene Garden.  Ya'll know you gonna create one of your own -winks- 

Have yet to decide what the regular price of this item will be, probably around L$200 after the sale.  Its worth every lil penny in my opinion and after you see it ... you'll think so too. 

Other new and completely cool releases are all of the floral variety.  From dirt filled pots to a very beautiful Bird of Paradise arrangement, there's something you can use for your own garden, home decor or line ya porch with it!

Simple right?  Yup, it is.  Reason behind these ceramic planters is that I've been round lots of places and seen all sorts of planters, all empty.  Isn't like you can jus dig up some dirt and toss it in a pot, not here no way.  Soooo ... solution!  Do it yourself planters, ready to add plants!

No watering, no feedin', no sunlight necessary!  All these cuties do is just be pretty and add to conversation.  Ya'll know that you need an ice breaker sometimes.  Why not let it be a colorful plant in a ceramic container?  It'll work .. you know it will!

I saved this for last in the blog cause I wanted to end the recap of todays releases with something really beautiful.  Bird of Paradise is really a gorgeous plant when cared for properly.  Its partnered here with baby fern and ivy, a complimenting combo for the Bird of Paradise.  It's out at the main store right now but you'll be able to find it at all locations by tomorrow evening.

--- NEW LOCATION!! ~~  come see the store, its shabby chic!


Piddlin Without A Cause

Sometimes we just do stuff for the fun of it, for the quick and done, for the low prim and color of it.  Really we do.  I do!  Maybe not you or you or even them.  With that being said ... this was tossed out at the promo price where it remains still.  Nooo, not cause I forgot, but because it served a purpose in its creation.  While the lesson learnt isn't visible to the customers, I'm pleased with the result therefore, deal for all ya'll.  Ain't that grand????

Name it like it is, right?  Pick up this tangerine striped sofa for L$10 at the Cookie Jar location for the time being.  The tattered toss run is also L$10.  Looks like someone ripped holes in it, that's why its so cheap ya know!  Second hand deal?  Perhaps ... or just some fancy threads sewn loosely.

Tossin' this set out for ya to gander at as well.  Again, nuthin' fancy.  Most things are like toss it out and plop your butt down for a spell that come from Piddler's Perch.  It's simplicity in a virtual world where things really are only as complicated as we let them be.   Course, that doesn't change even when I challenge myself to give ya'll something amazing and wow worthy.

Jus' A Loveseat & Chair is all about not a care in the world, no real flare for decor, hint of dirt, wear and tear .. worn and well used.  Find it at all locations for L$30.  What?  Used and Abused Just For You!!

This was orignally sat out a venue outside of Piddler's Perch stores.  As it turns out, lesson learned.  While I'm never beyond venturing to try new and different and I will continue to embark on new sales journeys with the store, when it doesn't work ... we just move on.  Hence, you can now pick up Jus' A Loveseat & Chair from all Piddler's Perch stores.  It's the promo release price of L$30 as is the case with most sets I put out.  

If Only I Were Really Slackin'!

Across the board, lazy ain't what I've been.  Course it might appear so if you look at the last post to hit the blog.  Hardly the case since there's ample irons in the fire for new piddlin's to come your way.  For some reason, I work better under pressure meeting deadlines, make magic out of mayhem - in a manner of speaking - proof is in the Piddlin' Platty disarray on that one, and from time to time the scenery can be as much inspiration as one needs.

Last week, the Zerene Garden Fountain was released as Moody Mondays Week 22 offering.  It is one of the most challenging and educational design to date for me.  As it turns out, it's also one of my favorites.

The fountain features a flowing stream of crisp blue water from the fishie's mouth and emits a soft, soothing sound as the water spout hits the pool below.  Very serene and only one aspect of the artist design one might find in a zen garden.   In an effort to accomodate peace and serenity lovers around the grid with little space to decorate, a small L$85 at all locations. 

Other releases from last week are the cutest lamps evah!  Hangin' Hanki Lamps!  Yup, they light on touch and everything!!  Adorable and cheap!  They are out for sale at the main store and Cookie Jar Store and Market Stall at the moment.

See!  I told you they are just button kinda cute.  Even at the regular price of L$30 you can't go wrong.  Naturally, there is never a last piece to introduce but there is an "All for Today" ending point. 

The Sleek Stone Planter was Given Away! to all group memebers and put out at the usual promo L$10 price.  One thing I think should be remembered about Piddler's Perch, the owner is forgetful when it comes to price changes, more often than not new releases can be picked up for meer pennies on the linden well after promo time has passed.  

That's your handy, dandy, piddlin' tip for the day!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Perch Sitter News - A Release and 2 Day Sale

Today marks the first appearance of Piddler's Perch at the Home & Garden Market Village.  It's a two week run of "Sweet Living" where you will find my newest release, "Jus' A Loveseat & Chair" This item is exclusive to the market for the duration and will be priced at $150 for the set once it is moved to the Main Store on Emerald Cove. 

I'm happy to be a part of the venue and hope that you all will take the time to visit and pick up this very down to earth and simple living room duo at the sale price :) 

Home & Garden Market Village

Probably bigger shopper news is the 2 Day Sale that I have implemented at the Cookie Jar location.  All inventory has been reduced to L$25 ~ August 27th and 28th ONLY.  Several items from the main store have been brought over as well.  Portions of the Castaway Keys Collection, Summer Rose Arbor, Sweet Solitude Comfy Corner Set and so much more.  Wanna see the pics?  Check out past posts to see the designs and the specs on them. 

Excluded in the sale is the LOW Letter "D" offering for this weekend.  I've put up the "Ryley Durham" Living Room for L$75 for this weekends trek. 

You can grab the whole list from the group notice sent out today or visit the LOW Group Blog to see who has what and for how much. 

Peekie ~ Peekie! Hunts Current & Coming

From the last post til now it could be thought that I've been seriously slacking in getting new designs out.  Pish!  Not true.  Piddler's Perch has the grande ole opportunity to be a hop on the hunt path in a few hunts.  YaYz!!  Yus, I'm all about excited!

First is a sim wide hunt that is actually a one day hunt, however, I'll be leaving the hunt goodie out for an additional day for those who might not be able to make it in on Saturday to nab it. 

Summer Garden Party is going on all day August 27th @  Cookie Jar Community where there is live entertainment and a hunt too.  You'll be lookin' for an Fudge Ice Cream on a Stick.  No hints that I'm aware of .. sorry!  Piddler's Perch is offerin' up this cute, animated picnic blanket with accesories just for the occasion ~

As with most of my designs the extras are bonuses once it goes up for sale.  Hit the Cookie Jar location while you can cause once the hunt is over this goodie will be public released and not for free.  Of course, new release price will be in effect for a few days ;)  While you are venturing to Piddler's Perch, wander beyond to pick up all the other great hunt items from the sims merchants. Your summer garden is waiting to be designed, why not do it for free?

Also hosted by the Cookie Jar Community is the Home & Garden Falling Leaves Hunt.  This beauty is sim wide and sure to be filled with awesome stuff to decorate and liven up your Second Life.  Nah, my hunt giftie isn't quite ready for this hunt just yet.  When it is .. you'll be the in the know!


Did you know that American Bazaar is turning 1 Year Old?  Yep, they are and to celebrate there'll be a fantastic hunt!  Over 100 stores will be participating to wish a Very Happy Birthday to Missqwerty Pevensky's brand of fashion.  Piddler's Perch get the pleasure of taking part as well.  To keep in line with the theme of glamour, beauty, style and celebration I've created a special giftie in honor of the occassion.  "Missus' Vanity Set" Classy, Elegant and Gold!  An appropriate goodie for a grand celebration.

Hope that ya'll like it :)  We're number 79 on the hunt path .. about half way down the line.  For a little nudge to get you off on the right foot ...

American Bazaar Birthday Hunt
September 1st thru September 30th
Starting Point: American Bazaar

For Store List and Hints (when they are ready) visit the American Bazaar Blog